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Christian Juggling

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“Preach the Gospel at all times, but only when necessary use words.”
Saint Francis of Assisi

We are all called by God to spread the Gospel. Christian Juggling is a wonderful way to do just that. A Christian Juggling show is perfect for all ages. For large and small audiences.

Christian Juggler

Dave Willacker

In addition to Christian juggling. Dave also has MA in Theology from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dave has taught scripture at local high schools for 10 years. Dave has also worked as a youth minister for several years in addition to being an active member of his church.

Dave's Story

While working as a youth minister and juggling for a hobby a person approached me and asked me if I would juggle for some children at a Pizza Hut. I agreed and while I was there three people came up to me and asked me if I had a business card. I took the hint and decided to make some business cards. On them I put Christian Juggling. I didn't have an act, I wasn't even sure what Christian Juggling was, but I felt very strongly that God wanted me to put Christian Juggling on the card. I felt like an Old Testament Prophet, called, but resisting, scared and unsure, but called none-the-less.

A year went by, and my phone rang. The lady on the other end said, “I understand you do Christian Juggling Shows.” I asked here where she had heard that I performed Christian Juggling and she told me that a friend had given her my card. I felt compelled to be honest and I told her I didn't have a show yet, but that I felt God really wanted me to accept her event. She told me that she felt God really wanted her to hire me.

Over the next month ideas flooded in, and when the day of the show came I had a show. Given to me by God.

Since that first day bookings have flooded in. I have performed from Washington D.C. To Washington State, and many places in between. I am blessed to spend almost every Sunday with a different congregation within the Kingdom of God. It's inspiring to see so many, young and old, in prayer, and praise. Thank you to God, and all of you. Sincerely, Dave Willacker Christian Juggler

My Show

First understand that I'm funny. Not a clown, I've actually won stand up comedy competitions. In addition to my life of ministry I have also spent much of my life acting and performing.

Second with a masters and having taught scripture for ten years I know scripture very well. While I can perform for just children, I can also perform for just pastors. My favorite is families. I make it a point to teach as I perform. Think of it as a really dynamic, and funny bible study!

Third I can work with you on any theme. I have lots of material. Some of my favorite Christian Juggling routines...

  • Garden of Eden ¨C through Jesus' Resurrection
  • Tower of Babel
  • I Cor 12.12 Diversity of the Body
  • Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish
  • Calming of the Storm
  • Calling of Isaiah
  • Armor of God
  • All are Called
  • Importance of Reading the Bible
  • A demonstration of Faith
  • Garden of Gethsemane

Fourth some of the things you'll see... Juggling Balls, Juggling Clubs over top of someone's head, Bouncing Juggling balls off of different parts of my body (the audience gets to pick), making the armor of God around a child with balloons, me balancing on a ball on top of a wheel, eating an apple while juggling, and upon request eating fire and juggling swords.

Fifth I'll bring everything I need for a great performance. Microphone, public address system, back stage curtain, and prop stands. Sixth for booking please call as early as possible. My schedule books up. Thank you. Dave

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