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There are many ways to spread the Gospel and to build the Kingdom of God. Many churches have larger events for the public or for their parishioners. Since Dave began as a christian juggler he has received so many requests for other entertainer, such as christian magicians, christian game shows, and much more that he has started a company. To see all of what we offer please visit Cincinnati Circus Company. All of our acts are portable including our touring BIG Show.

One church called us recently and told us that they were throwing a really big event. They shared that it was a, “Go big or go home” kind of event. I immediately suggested they bring an entire circus to their church, by hiring our touring Big Show. They did and loved it! They also had us contact some of our friends to bring in elephants.

Many churches use our services to bring in inflatable rides, and specialty rides. Still other have us perform Christian Game Shows and other forms of witnessing.

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